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Site Testimonials:

"From the moment you turn off of Rt. 22, you begin to feel a subtle change. When you turn into the parking lot of Alta View – it happens. There is a sense of calm that surrounds you. I listen to the sounds of fountains, and gentle music, soaking up the peaceful sounds for a few moments before I open the door. Entering Alta View is entering a world of relaxation. It is a little pocket of tranquility – just off Rt. 22. I try to arrive early for my appointments – just to soak up the serene atmosphere. There are fabulous therapists practicing at Alta View – as well as exciting classes. As the holidays approach – and the stress builds – I would highly encourage anyone to check out all that Alta View has to offer. Think of it as a gift to yourself." - Joan McCabe RN

Massage Testimonials:

"I don't know how I would make it with out Massage to help manage my pain." - M. Wagner, Harrisburg

"Massage has made all the difference..." - J. Wagner, Harrisburg

Testimonials for Readings with Bill Stillman:

"I have now had my second session with Bill... and have found them both to be very thought provoking and enlightening. Spiritual in nature, it definitely has made a positive difference in my life's journey."- Will, Lancaster

"The best part of my reading with Bill was receiving confirmation of my dear father's presence and continued love. Death does not separate us after all." - Hannah, Lebanon

"My session with Bill was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. From the very beginning, it was obvious to me that Bill was in communication with my grandmother. It is a wonderful feeling to know she is still a part of my life." - Pat, Lititz

"Being in the same room with Bill eludes to a sense of comfort and inner knowledge..." - Bette, Elizabethtown

Crystal Testimonials:

"You too can empower and heal yourself while awakening and balancing your chakras at all levels of your being...physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. Imagine yourself gently releasing that which no longer serves your highest good. We now have that opportunity here in Harrisburg, PA. I have enjoyed the synergistic healing effects of crystals, Reiki, shamanic, native and western spiritual and energy practices during my sessions with Angie. In talking with her I have learned that each client has a unique experience. Angie will meet you where you are on your journey just as she continues to do for me. She combines her years of study in energy healing, divine connection enabled by her faith and intuitive gifts with you during each crystal healing session. Just do it...You will be grateful you did.

I recommend you gift yourself with an amazing energetic experience." - M. McCully

Moon Coaching:

"As someone deeply drawn to the southwest, my home away from home, I am always looking for programming that aligns with my interest in indigenous cultures. Just before the total eclipse of the moon in March, I had the pleasure of creating a medicine bundle within a group of like-minded seekers. Angie Yingst led the ceremony and walked us through the process step-by-step. On June 15 those of us ready to release our bundles gathered once again. My work during those three months was admittedly difficult but equally rewarding. Angie's gentle guidance in ceremony coupled with her solid support throughout the process makes this experience a personal milestone on my spiritual journey. Highly recommend!" - Denise VanBriggle, Curator of Creativity at Shine, a healing expressive arts studio

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